::Male 10-20::

Name:  Saiprasad
Age:  15
E-mail:   eyes_that_smile@hotmail.com
Address:  24,Plot : 7,
    Nigdi - Pradhikaran,
    Pune - 411044,
Country:  INDIA
Languages you speak:  English, other
Swaps:  post-cards, stamps, something else
E-mail/snail-mail  post
Comments:  Hi everyone!I have a great idea in my mind.We had this student exchange thing inour school but it didn't work much actually.What i have thought is if someone wishes to come to India they can stay with my family and know what Indian culture is like.We had a Japanese girl come to India and it was a great experience.If anyone feels like please don't hesitate to tell me.I believe it's conversation which can really say what a person is like.The more we communicate the better we know each other.I think friendship is the best art of living and it risens your spirits.Well,I hope I get to hear from ya'll soon!Take care and keep smiling!


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